Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is based on scientific principles, and research has shown it to be extremely effective for a wide range of psychological difficulties. Dr. Harris uses a collaborative approach with her clients to help them reach their short- and long-term goals. Within each therapy session, she targets the problematic thoughts, behavior patterns, and emotions that are keeping her patients stuck and unhappy. Oftentimes, her patients present with anxiety and/or depression as well as sleep disturbance. She works with her patients to target each problem area in a systematic, logical manner as to heighten chances of incremental success.

CBT has been successfully demonstrated in the treatment of a wide range of disorders and problems, including depression, anxiety, anger, social skills deficits, and relational problems. Importantly, this therapy approach has demonstrated success both alone, and in combination with medication. Furthermore, research has demonstrated maintenance of treatment gains over time.

In addition to her work in CBT, Dr. Harris possesses advanced fellowship-level training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), with a particular emphasis on mindfulness-based strategies to quiet and calm the mind during times of high stress.


Dr. Harris specializes in the treatment of a variety of anxiety, stress and depressive issues, including:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Panic Attacks
Social Anxiety Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Major Depressive Disorder
Poor time management
Goal setting
Struggles with healthy living: including poor diet, exercise and making sleep a priority