Speaking Engagements


Dr. Harris is available as an expert witness, speaking engagements, grand rounds, professional workshops, and corporate talks and retreats on a variety of topics. She is frequently sought out by leading corporations, law firms, and well-respected academic medical centers to give talks on the benefits of sleep, dangers of drowsy driving, and treatment interventions for sleep disorders. Practitioners often seek out Dr. Harris’ expertise through clinical supervision, either in person or over the phone.

Dr. Harris consults with numerous tech companies to develop sleep and stress reduction courses for their clients and employees. She has recorded mindfulness-based insomnia courses for Meditation Studio, available for download on iTunes, and voted one of Apple’s 10 best apps 2016, receiving rave reviews by Forbes, Huffington Post, Well + Good and Time Magazine.

She has most recently worked with organizations such as BetterUP, eDriving and Arent Fox LLP.