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"Sleep Therapy Is Expected to Gain a Wider Role in Depression Treatment"

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"Good Night of Sleep Becoming Unattainable for New Moms"

"For Sleep Struggles, New Moms Urged to Alter Routines"

"Pills Plus Psychotherapy Can Beat Insomnia"

"Spring Forward? Plan Ahead"


"Don't recall sending that message? Maybe you're 'sleep texting'"

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"Dozing on Duty: Survey Finds Sleepiest Transportation Workers"

O, The Oprah Magazine

“Not So Good Morning” September 2019 issue

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"Nine Curious Ways to Stop Snoring"

"When the Snakes Attack, It Might be a Night Terror"

"Tired of Tossing and Turning? Sleep Tight Every Night"

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"Night Terrors can Lead to Strangling and Other Violent Sleep Behavior - But Treatment Can Help"

"How Lack of Sleep Hurts Your Health"

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"6 Health Issues Solved"

Hosted SELF Magazine Facebook-based Q&A

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"Obstacles can block road to dreamland"

"Travel strategies to bag jet lag"

"Lack of Sleep is Hurting Your Kids' Health"

"Easing nightmares can ease depression"

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"Smoking, Pesticides Might Spur Rare 'Sleep-Kicking' Disorder'"

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“You Can (and Should) Train Yourself to Sleep on Your Back”


“Can't Sleep? Here Are 11 Surprising Causes”